Health spa treatments

Thai and Indian massages

Thai foot massage - relaxing massage techniques applied to the lower legs and feet to open energy lines and promote an overall feeling of balance and well-being.

Indian head massage - this improves the blood flow to the head and neck, releases stagnant energy and can relieve muscle tension, stiffness, headaches and eye strain. Increases energy levels and creates a feeling of tranquillity and revitalisation.

Tahitian scalp massage.
Monday-Friday 9am till late by appointment* 
Saturday and Sunday 9am till 5pm* 
*Subject to availability 

After your massage why not relax in our swimming pool, jacuzzi pools or sauna?

To book any of our individual treatments or a day or overnight package, call us on 01225 768 336

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Aromatherapy and traditional massage

Other massages

A manual lymphatic drainage massage encompasses a series of specialised massage movements that are used to reactivate and stimulate the lymph system.

This 1 hour treatment boosts circulation and helps to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body - £40.00

Our sports massage concentrates on the legs and back to alleviate tension, cramp and muscle fatigue:
  • Tranquility Body massage
  • Hot Stone massage
Our aromatherapy therapeutic treatment relieves stress and tension using a balance of massage and essential oils chosen especially for you this treatment leaves you with a sense of well-being and relaxation.
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